Re-open again

How many times I try to close my blog and then re-open again?

Last time I close my blog was end of year 2015(very close huh?) and the domain still there( or ) and now I just want to make fresh start again.

I hope this time, My Blog won’t be in disorganized like before (As you can see I’m a big idiot after all 😀 )

And one things, my Blog maybe will not updated very often due to my works, but still I’ll try my best to update this blog regularly.

Well for my first content, I’ll post it in few days it’s just my typical review of my new notebook I bough 1 weeks ago to replace my old Sony Vaio  I bough back on 2012, an Asus ROG G551VW 🙂

Ps. Please ignore the unrelated images 😀


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