Hand on Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 9.7″ (2016 version)

Ok hello guys, How’re you?

Today I want to write something about my new tablets, Samsung Galaxy Tabs S2 9,7″- 2016 version(SM-T819Y). First off, this is my first Samsung device. And please notes I’m not Samsung fans since my first impression of Samsung not very “nice” when they start to flooding Android market with their phone(Plasticky, cheap etc). But is my impression still the same after I bought this unit? Let’s see …

I owned a tablet before, Asus Padfone 8(CMIIW), but I gave it to my nephew(so I will have a reason to buy new one hehehe). Actually that tablet is more than enough for me. It’s size(8″) is quite good for me not too big and not too small. From performance perspective, not perfect since sometimes there are some hiccups here and there sometimes the apps even the launcher crashed although it got 2GB of RAM(AFAIK it’s optimal enough for Android) . Also the build quality quite disappointing. The body’s feels cheap, yellow-ish display also display only in HD resolution.

Before I decided to get this unit, actually I want to buy Sony Z3 Tablet Compact but I can find anywhere in Indonesia anymore. Mainly because I love Sony’s IP6x certification. I can wash the devices when it’s dirty, without worrying it’ll killing my device, also I can use it to cover my head when it’s rain LOL.

Why I’m choosing Samsung?

Simple, because you only have 2 choice if you want high performance tablet in Indonesia right now. First Samsung and second is Apple iPad.  And as you know, I’m not very “fan” of Apple, moreover I still remember when I bough an iPad and gave it to my Sister several years ago and 6 days latter she almost sell her iPad since she don’t like it(can’t transfer her eBook, etc).

And here is the unit … Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 9.7 inch 2016 version(SM-T819Y).dsc07574

Somehow I feel it’s too big for me hahaha.

My first impression of this devices … very thin and  light(compared to my sister iPad). Build quality … hmmm it’s feels better than my first impression of Samsung devices several years ago. Maybe because of this unit is their flagship unit, Ok… its feels good and not made of cheapy material.

And as usual from Samsung devices, the screen very bright(at least for me), the display itself has 1536 x 2048 pixel AMOLED display.Color? well it’s good at least not yellow-ish like my ASUS.

As usual from Samsung, they still using physical button for home button, and touch for back and application switcher. Honestly I’m not fan of this kind of button. Remember that I bough iPhone 5S early this year and sell it 2 weeks latter since I feel awkward to use that kind of button. I hope Samsung will use in-screen touch button like the others. Really I don’t really mind if I need to lost several pixels square because of that on-screen button, since it’ll allow you to switch the button position(like my late Dad’s LG G2 phone).

My other complain that it got a backlight(back & apps-switcher button), but it only light up when it’s touched. Why not turn it always on when room light condition is low? Why I tell something like this? because like to use my tablet before I sleep, And I like to turn my room’s light off when I’m sleeping.  well it’s minor but … if I’ll appreciate if Samsung do this. Also it’ll makes you easier to know which top and bottom of your tablet when you can’t see Samsung logo in top of your tablet in dark room.

Oh almost forgot… it also got a finger print reader in home button, so you can unlock your devices either with pin or using your finger print.


In the right side of this unit you will find all of button and slots. From up to bottom:

  1. Power button
  2. Volume button
  3. Memory slot
  4. SIM card slot(nano).


And for it’s bottom side, you can find 2 stereo speaker, audio jack, and charging/data micro USB port(non C).

Want me to complain again? okay here we go…

I have no problem with the audio output from it’s speaker. Loud, clear and well quite nice I think. But please try to think… if you put all speaker in the bottom, can you imagine when you watch movie in  landscape mode? Yes… it’s very … Impractical … even my ASUS and my Z3 compact know this and put the speaker in top and bottom side of the devices.

I think most of you will using tablet for gaming or watching movies right? and once you watch movie, do you use it in vertical/portrait mode? landscape right? Here is the sample …

And for audio test:

FYI it’s not full volume yet around 3/4 Volume.

And for the camera, it got 8MP back camera and 2.1MP for front facing camera not very impresive, but for a tablet… can’t expect more.

dsc07553 dsc07557

Again, I don’t understand why Samsung made the lens protrude from the rest of it’s body? I think it’ll easily scratched right???

Here some sample photos:

20161008_102635 20161008_104723

that’s all for the hardware… now we will go to the software side.

This devices using Android 6.0 out of the box with Touchwiz UI/launcher from Samsung. And for future update, there is still no info wherever it’ll get Android 7 or not, but hopefully It’ll get it since it’s still relatively new devices.

From what I remembered, Samsung’s Touchwiz UI which well-known for how it’s bloated the system. But I found out that seems it’s too much, I feels this  UI feels stock and no hiccups here and there. Maybe due to it got quite Good processor which is Octa-core Snapdragon 652(FYI 2015 version still using Exynos 5433), with 3GB of RAMS  surely makes this device quite rock solid in performance department(compared with my phone Z3 Compact in Antutu benchmark).

Geekbench 4


Antutu Benchmark


3DMark – Ice Storm Unlimited


Please notes that 3DMark it has lower score compared than my Z3 Compact due to screen resolution differences.

Also there are 2 options of storage for this type 32 and 64(mine is 32GB) also not to mention you can add more storage via additional microSD card.

And for network connection this devices also support rocking 4G speeds. Although I can’t test it in Indonesia networks hahahaha.

Next Battery life… I haven’t test it yet… 5k mAH should be enough for daily driver although maybe the screen will draw most the power. But overall… quite standard I think.

My Conclusion is … I feel this device quite rock solid in build quality and performance, but it has many weakness in design like I said before(specially speaker placement, very annoying for me hahaha). From Software UI and usability It’s quite standard but with more touch like multi-window apps, it’s quite useful since you will not need to switching between apps. Camera … well can’t expect anything in “tablet” form factor.

I think that’s all from me about this tablet … hope can accompanying me for 2 or 3 years heheehe 🙂

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